Archiving, publishing and making final papers available

Decision of the Management of the University of 26th July 2013

These regulations apply to all final papers in all faculties and all subjects offered at the Otto Friedrich University.

Final papers are: Bachelor's, Master's, and Magister theses; dissertations ("Diplomarbeiten") and final papers ("Zulassungsarbeiten")

Archiving of final papers

The University Archives are responsible for archiving final papers.

Archiving means that a selection of hard and soft copies of final papers, including attachments (e.g. plans), is kept by the University for the purpose of accumulating historical records. After the retention period has passed, papers are transferred to the office of examinations and can only be accessed by third parties with prior written approval of the author.

The Management of the University decided on the criteria for selecting final papers that ought to be archived on 18th April 2007 (see Minutes of the 294th Meeting of the University Management).

Publishing of Final Papers

The University Library is responsible for the publication of final papers.

Publishing means that a paper is listed in the Online Catalogue of the University Library and that it is made available online.

Before a paper can be published, the author of the paper must have agreed to it and their tutor must have given their consent as well.

Generally, papers are published electronically in the Current Research Information System (FIS) of the University of Bamberg under "My FIS" and "New Publication". A login with the BA number is required. If you do not have a BA number please contact  In addition, the Research and Publication Services of the University Library require a contract(113.5 KB) with the written consent of the supervisor. Print copies will not be shelved at the University Library.

The German National Library is responsible for long-term archiving.