Due to the State Library switching to a new library system the limitations will be in effect from 26 June 2024 until presumably September 2024:

- Items from the State Library can no longer be ordered via the Bamberg Catalogue and can no longer be borrowed to take home.

- Items borrowed from the State Library before 26 June 2024 can no longer be renewed (this also applies to automatic renewals).

- Media from the State Library can only be ordered by e-mail, by telephone or in person on site and can only be viewed in the reading room of the State Library.

Network of Bamberg libraries

Together with the Bamberg State Library and the Diocesan Library, the University Library forms an association or network for checking out books. This means that you can also request media from the other two libraries via the Online Catalogue and have them sent to any of our branch libraries or the other way around.

In the Online Catalogue, you will furthermore find some books held at other libraries which you can only read on site, e.g. at the Seminary Library or at the Library of the City Archives.

University Library cards are also valid at the State Library. Likewise you may check out books at the University Library if you present a library card issued by the State Library.

You can return items at any of the branch libraries or at the State Library.

Cooperation between the University and State Libraries

The Bamberg State Library works very closely with the University Library. In coordination with the University Library, it constantly complements its holdings, which have grown in the course of history, by acquiring new books for all fields of science.

The enormous publication stock of the state university is not completely, but for the majority already collected in the Bamberg Catalogue – completely registered are monographs published from 1925 on, dissertations from 1970 on, as well as current periodicals. Specific book stocks such as manuscripts, incunabula and graphics are registered via their own catalogue or repertories and are provided by the librarians of the State Library.

The general historic stock of the State Library Bamberg was classified from the end of the 19th century on until the year 1930 by subject and organized into an appropriate signature system. This systematics, which is naturally reflecting the 19th century state of science, is hereby virtually depicted – considering that the terminology is still maintained. Because even some newer acquisitions from after 1930 are provided with this older signature system (and are sometimes even to this day marked with an old signature), does a research in the virtual old stock systematics lead in individual cases to literature with a publishing date clearly from before 1930.