Director: Fabian Franke, PhD

Permanent deputy: Inga Gerike, PhD
Managerial head: Beatrice Hartmann
Secretary: Sabine Wagner

Subject librarians

Information technology department

Head: Steffen Illig
Deputy: Barbara Ziegler
Head librarian: Ulrike Wiesner

Department of Acquisition and Cataloguing

Head: Christian Pierer, PhD
Deputy: Steffen Illig
Head librarian: Renate Straßberger

Processing of monographs
Managing librarian: Renate Straßberger

Media processing
Managing librarian: Ursula Wölfel

Holdings review
Managing librarian: n.n.
Deputy: Ursula Wölfel

Managing librarian: Martina Stadtler

User department

Head: Inga Gerike, PhD
Deputy: Hannah Kempe, M.A.
Managing librarian: Dominik Schmidt

Virtual enquiries and signature services: Ingrid Martius
Interlibrary loan office: Pia Knab
Billing office: Claudia Ullrich

Branch Library 1
Head: Andreas Drechsler, PhD
Managing librarian: Andreas Bähr
Email: teilbibliothek1.ub(at)

Branch Library 2
Head: Irmtrud Zech
Managing librarian: Christl Schneider
Email: teilbibliothek2.ub(at)

Branch Library 3
Head: Louise Rumpf, M.A.
Managing librarian: Dominik Schmidt
Email: teilbibliothek3.ub(at)

Branch Library 4
Head: Inga Gerike, PhD
Managing librarian: Christiane Lauterbach
Email: teilbibliothek4.ub(at)

Branch Library 5
Head: Christian Pierer, PhD
Managing librarian: Monika Neundörfer, M.A.
Email: teilbibliothek5.ub(at)

ERBA Library
Head: Steffen Illig
Managing librarian: Christian Müller
Email: erba-bibliothek.ub(at)