Student Assistants

We employ student assistants in order to provide support for our staff of librarians.


The assistants must be:

  • Enrolled as students at the University of Bamberg, but not have obtained a university degree yet.
  • Familiar with the basics of academic work, research and library use.
  • Willing to commit to a flexible work environment as well as flexible working hours, such as working late and at weekends.
  • Proficient in English and German
  • Prepared for physically demanding work
  • Orderly, punctual, team oriented, with a friendly and competent approach to dealing with with library users.

Terms of employment

  • Average working hours per month: 20-30
  • Maximum working hours per month: 86
  • Hourly wage: 13,25 € per hour for undergraduate student assistants.

If you are interested in being employed as a student assistant at the University Library, please contact the front desk staff in the branch library in question.