Affiliation for Publishing

Scientific publications are an important indicator of the research strength of a university. They make a significant contribution to the reputation of the university and the scientists who conduct research at it.

A condition for this is a clear link between the publication and the researchers and their university: only standardized naming guarantees that the publication performance is also attributed to the university, for example in international rankings. This in turn benefits the reseachers at the university.

A central element of this is standardised information on the name of the university, for example, when it comes to being able to determine the volume of publications as accurately and representatively as possible for proposals submitted to the DFG or other funding bodies. Standardisation thus serves not only to increase the public visibility of research, but also to provide financial recognition for research achievements.

The university management calls upon the researchers of the university to indicate the following affiliation when publishing:

Otto-Friedrich-Universität Bamberg

This recommendation also applies to English publications. Alternatively, University of Bamberg can be used here.

The indication of faculty, institute, chair, professorship, etc. should be given in a separate field (e.g. institution, department) if possible. If no field is available, the closer institutional affiliation can be listed after the university name, e.g. Otto-Friedrich-University Bamberg, Chair of Media Informatics.

The recommendation also applies accordingly to the university title in the ORCID profile.

Organization Identifier