The University of Bamberg Archives

Greetings, and welcome to the University Archives’ homepage.

The University of Bamberg’s Archives serve as the cultural and historical memory of the university and the institutions representing its historic precursors. As a so-called “memory repository,” the university archives are charged with the task of establishing a historically significant record comprising as many facets of university life as possible. This record serves as a legal safeguard, forms the basis for academic and private research, and contributes to the formation and preservation of the University of Bamberg’s identity and traditions. According to the Bavarian Archive Act (BayArchivG), the archives are responsible for archiving – cataloguing, appraising, acquiring, making available and storing and maintaining – all accumulated and, due to their importance, preservation-worthy materials. In legal and professional archival terms, this amounts to the authentic and contextual preservation and storage of all university documents found to be archive-worthy by way of an archival appraisal process.

The Collection of all “Archive-Worthy” Documents

This applies to all documents and materials (files, written documents, card indexes, plans, electronic, film and audio media, and machine-readable media containing information and programmes of lasting importance) amassed by the university administration, institutional self-government and all other core institutions. In this age of modern media, the university’s internet presence, which conveys a brief synopsis of the university’s self-conception, is naturally of major importance.

Moreover, in order to document all facets of the development of the Bamberg alma mater, records from student representative bodies are also of relevance. These constitute a crucial supplement to the university’s other records.