Central Divisions

University Archives (Z/ARCH)

The university archives are considered the memory of the university and the institutions representing its historic precursors. In July of 2007, the archives were made an official administrative division. In addition to the cataloguing, acquisition, storage and maintenance of documents and materials that accumulate in the academic system, evaluating and making them available to researchers are also among the principal responsibilities of the archives division.

Research Funding & Transfer (Z/FFT)

The Research Funding & Transfer Division acts as a service partner to all academics and scholars, particularly regarding the following:

Information and strategic advice concerning financial aid programmes, employment postings (both national and international) and endowments, internal research aid, grant proposals (particularly financial calculations and estimates), and the administrative handling of external project funding.

Additionally, you can receive assistance in your search for suitable financial aid programmes, advice dealing with starting a business, and invention-related consultation.

Information Systems (Z/IS)

Electronic information systems like FlexNow!, UnivIS and many other internal IT systems are overseen by the Information Systems Division, which is also responsible for all other conceptual matters pertaining to information technology.

Internal Affairs and Operations (Z/IZA)

The Division of Internal Affairs and Operations organizes, plans and supervises operational functions, is responsible for regulatory issues, university-wide bulletins, the approval of public postings and advertising, and also for meeting services like administrative committee support.

Communication and Alumni (Z/KOM)

The Communication and Alumni Division coordinates all internal and external university communication and also handles alumni affairs. This division prepares press statements, publishes university magazines, periodicals and brochures, and also organizes press conferences and university events. In addition, the division coordinates the university’s corporate design processes as well as the corporate website.

Planning & Quality Management (Z/PQM)

The Planning and Quality Management Division is responsible for a broad range of duties, including planning projects (degree programme analysis, capacity and demand evaluation and the like), target agreements, and the increasingly important, continually developing field of quality management.