Department III - Human Resources


Head of Department III

  • Lead Department III - Human Resources
  • Matters of general policy or with special meaning (including legal matters and litigation)
  • Contact of the staff committee, the equal opportinities officer and the SHE representatives according to Art. 7 Abs. 1 BayPVG
  • Recruitment

Section III/1

  • Matters of professors and assistant professors
  • Organizational support of the appeal process as well as pre- and post-appeal hearings
  • Transitional employment of professors and visiting professors
  • Matters of public officers in acadamic carrer and all other public officers
  • Matters of public officers on time as research assistans
  • Matters of senior lecturer, adjunct professors and honorary professors
  • Secondments to promote young academics with strengthening of practical relevance in teacher training and development of teacher training in accordance to the LPO I
  • Training of public officer candidates
  • Professional support of CEUS (professors salary)

Section III/2

  • Matters of non-academic staff (TV-L), including training and internships
  • Leadership in matters of working time and leave arrangements (including support BayZeit) 
  • Service and educational trips (authorization and settlement)
  • Sideline (approval and collection of user charges)
  • Training of members of the non-academic staff
  • Leadership in matters of the Social Code, Nith (SGB IX) - rehabilitation and participation of disabled people and occupational reintregration management (BEM)
  • Matters under the bavarian equality act
  • Special working conditions (workstations)

Section III/3

  • Matters of acadamic staff (TV-L) (including management fo the budget)
  • Matters of student and acadamic assistants (including management fo the budget)
  • Matters of  part-time tecturer, handling teaching assignments and teaching salary (including management fo the budget)
  • System responsibilty VIVA and user / system support, and quality assurance of system data
  • Human resources monitoring
  • Budget administation (accounting of budget resources, enlist  budget block, enlist teaching load)
  • Personnel statistics (including higher education statistics)
  • Fulfill reporting requirements for teaching load
  • Further human resources statments, reports and statistics
  • Centrel support for projects relating to personnal data deliveries
  • System support BayText (Document Management System VIVA)
  • Professional support of CEUS (personnel data)


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