Legal Foundation and Using the Archives

The legal foundation for using the University of Bamberg’s archives is laid down in the Bavarian Archive Act (BayArchivG), the terms of use and the fee schedule.

Archival resources can be used by all persons who can claim a credible interest. A national ID card or student or employee identification must be presented when submitting a request for use. Materials may only be viewed in the university archives.

Use by way of request, research assignment and the creation of photocopies is possible according to the provisions of the legal foundations. Unfortunately, owing to preservation concerns, self-service is not possible. Copying and photography orders must be made in writing, and fees must be borne by those persons who submit an order. As a rule, entire record units may not be copied.

WIFI (eduroam, BayernWLAN) is available in the reading room.

Please note that the following English texts only serve the purpose of providing information on the contents of the corresponding German texts. Only the German texts are legally binding.

Bavarian Archive Act (BayArchivG)

Bavarian Archive Act (BayArchivG: Only German Version available)

University Archives Regulations

Download: University Archives Regulations [PDF-File](287.4 KB, 4 pages)

University Archives Terms of Use

Download: University Archives Terms of Use [PDF-File](116.9 KB, 5 pages)

User Fees of the University Archives

Download: User Fees of the University Archives [PDF-File](92.6 KB, 2 pages)

Application for Use of Archives

Download: Application for Use of Archives [PDF-File](212.5 KB, 1 page)