Summary of Records

Archival Inventory

The University of Bamberg archives house approximately 900 linear metres of records. This inventory spans the years 1648 to 2015.

Following the dissolution of the university in 1803, the documents belonging to the university did not remain in the possession of a single institution. For this reason, the preserved documents are now divided between several archives and libraries (please see below for further inventory on university history).

Documents from the new University of Bamberg are transferred continuously to the archives. Thus far, most records from the University of Bamberg’s institutional predecessors have been made accessible. Nearly all of the files pertaining to the former faculty for linguistics and literature (Fakultät Sprach- und Literaturwissenschaften) have been catalogued thoroughly. Taking into account terms of copyright and access restriction periods, these documents may be viewed by appointment.

Catalogues of the fonds of the University archives are available only in German language, please visit the German version of this website.

Further inventory on university history

  • Archiv des Erzbistums Bamberg, Regensburger Ring 2, 96047 Bamberg, phone: 0049 951/40747-0
  • Bayerisches Hauptstaatsarchiv München, Schönfeldstraße 5, 80539 München, phone: 0049 89/28638-2954
  • Bibliothek des Erzbischöflichen Priesterseminars Bamberg, Heinrichsdamm 32, 96047 Bamberg, phone: 0049 951/8681-140
  • Staatsarchiv Bamberg, Hainstraße 39, 96045 Bamberg, phone: 0049 951/98622-50
  • Staatsbibliothek Bamberg, Neue Residenz, Domplatz 8, 96049 Bamberg, phone: 0049 951/955030
  • Stadtarchiv Bamberg, Untere Sandstraße 30a, 96049 Bamberg, phone: 0049 951/871371