Trimberg Research Academy - TRAc

Promoting research - establishing networks!


The Trimberg Research Academy (TRAc) was developed to ensure that the University of Bamberg provides an ideal environment to pursue a doctoral degree or postdoctoral research in the areas of education, society, and culture. TRAc provides resources and support for all doctoral candidates and postdoctoral researchers at the University of Bamberg, and we help develop research networks across all academic faculties.

How can TRAc help you?

At TRAc, we offer support that will help you throughout your time as a researcher at the university. Take advantage of our many services:

  • Support for all doctoral candidates regarding PhD processes, transferable skills, scholarships etc.
  • Support for postdoctoral and established researchers regarding questions related to academic careers and acquiring external funding
  • Courses to help you develop transferable skills
  • Specially designed events, such as the annual "Young Researchers Week"


TRAc consists of four sections: "Schools", "Projects", "Senior Researchers", and "Senior International Research Fellows"

  • Schools comprises various structured PhD programmes, such as Bamberg Graduate Schools, Research Training Groups etc., associated with TRAc.
  • The Projects section provides the opportunity for post-doctoral researchers to associate themselves with the University of Bamberg via independent, externally funded projects.
  • Senior Researchers is the section for excellent professors emeritus who have rendered outstanding services to the University of Bamberg. They may been invited by the University's Board of Management to act as mentors for younger scholars on a honorary basis.
  • Senior International Research Fellows are outstanding international researchers who have maintained a particularly close and productive relationship with scholars at the University of Bamberg in the past, e.g. by successfully participating in joint research projects or publications.