“Postdoc” – What does it mean?

Literally speaking, anyone who has completed a doctoral degree is a “postdoc”, but the term is usually only used in reference to those who remain active in the academic community – whether at universities or other research institutions.

According to an even narrower definition, only the two to four years after completion of a doctorate are considered the postdoc phase. It’s the phase in which decisions concerning a further academic career path (particularly achieving the qualifications necessary for further appointment by habilitation, assistant professorship or junior research group leadership) are made.

The TRAc postdoc advisory service (postdoc.trac(at)uni-bamberg.de) regards the term in its broadest sense. Advisory services are available not only to those who have completed doctoral studies but have not yet been appointed to a professorship, but also to late-phase doctoral candidates who are interested in continuing their academic pursuits beyond the doctoral level. Especially regarding financing in the initial postdoctoral phase, it makes sense to seek consultation on funding opportunities while in the last year of doctoral studies. We provide advice on career perspectives both within the University of Bamberg and elsewhere, assist in finding suitable funding institutions and offer support in the first phase of a potential application process forthird-party funding.

Furthermore, we coordinate the university's own funding instruments such as the Docks for Postdocs programme and the BETTER Research Sabbatical.