Senior researchers

Professors who can look back upon decades of experience within academia possess outstanding professional knowledge and have, in the course of their careers, often managed to establish various useful academic and social networks. For universities however, these invaluable resources are at risk of being lost as soon as these scholars retire. Therefore, it appears both desirable and sensible to associate selected, particularly accomplished academics with the university on a long-term basis - even after retirement.

In light of this, professors who have rendered outstanding service to the reputation of research conducted at the University of Bamberg may be invited as "Emeriti of Excellence" by the university's board of management. In this way, they become associated with the university through the Trimberg Research Academy's "senior researchers" section .

With their profound expertise, experience and knowledge, Emeriti of Excellence actively continue conducting research projects. Moreover, they counsel, supervise, and support younger researchers and may also offer courses (related to obtaining key skills) which are open to all PhD students.

Finally, Emeriti of Excellence also support other professors in their attempt to create, maintain and advance the general framework conducive to developing dissertation projects within existing and emerging structured doctoral programmes (such as graduate schools or research training groups).

An overview who currently is active as an Emeritus of Excellence can be found here.