For phd students

Welcome to the Website of the Academic Career Advice for PhD students!

At the Graduate Centre Trimberg Research Academy we offer workshops and advice for PhD students and young scholars. If you need assistance in applying for or planning your PhD or if you have questions regarding funding acquistion or any other relevant issue relating to your PhD here in Bamberg, we are here to help you.

You can find some information on our websites, and if you would like an appointment, please contact us directly by e-mail: promotion.trac(at) or by phone: 0951/863 3501.

As a PhD student, it is very important that you register in our PhD student database. You can do this online by filling out this form:

The form is in German and if you need any help filling it out, please let us know. Important: When you register you are asked if you have handed in a copy of the "Betreuungsvereinbarung" (PhD supervision agreement) to the PhD office of your faculty. If you have not done so, or if you do not know what this document is, please contact us or the PhD office of your faculty so we can help you.