Career Counselling/Coaching for University and Non-university Professional Paths

The reasons for seeking career counselling can be quite varied: Besides the need to find a new job, the desire to make career decisions consciously and to gain knowledge about oneself and one’s individual professional prospects could also influence this decision. Matters pertaining to clarifying and shaping one's own role and function within existing structures can also be addressed within the framework of career counselling.


Based on the visualisation of your current situation, Dr. Marion Hacke will assist you in identifying your own values, your professional self-concept, as well as the potential for change and future prospects. You will examine your personal biography and clarify your own talents and strengths.

If necessary, we can supplement or modify your application materials and develop an application strategy based on the insights gained in the counselling sessions.


The career counselling programme is based on Prof. Rappe-Giesecke’s triadic career counselling model and focuses on the interplay of profession, biography and career.

The methodology employs various tools such as explorative exercises, methods of Gestalt therapy, genogram work, questionnaires and interviews.

Counselling takes place individually and comprises 5-10 sessions of 1-2 hours each. Ideally, sessions should take place at intervals of 2-4 weeks in order to have sufficient opportunity for an intensive examination of the topics addressed.


You will acquire insights on

  • what a career means to you.
  • the values that guide your career/professional decisions.
  • where you would like to be in 1 to 3 years.
  • which professional models and orientations from your family of origin shape your professional self-image.
  • where your talents and strengths lie.the needs and conditions that have to be fulfilled in order to be successful and happy in your career.
  • the real professional opportunities that emerge from your consultations and how you can realise them.


If you are interested in a career counselling/coaching, please arrange an appointment:

Dr. Marion Hacke
An der Weberei 5, Raum 04.112
Tel.: 0951/863 3501
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