The TRAc Qualification Program

What is the TRAc Qualification Programme?

A range of advanced training courses specifically designed to systematically prepare participants for a successful academic career through the acquisition and development of key competences not directly related to their fields of

Participants can select these advanced training courses according to their own personal interests. It is also possible
to complete the entire TRAc Qualification Programme curriculum and receive a certificate.

When are certificates awarded?

Those who have attended TRAc Qualification Programme courses totalling 80 course units of 45 minutes each, with at least 12 units in each of the five sections (see above), will receive a certificate of completion of the entire programme which includes a supplement listing all courses attended.

Who can paricipate?

Anyone working in research at the University of Bamberg who has not yet been appointed to a full professorship, meaning doctoral candidates, postdocs, habilitation candidates and recipients, and assistant professors.

How can I participate?

You can register for courses you would like to attend using this registration form. Registration for the entire programme is not necessary.

What courses are offered?

The current course offering is listed here.