First Postdoctoral Phase - Orientation


The period immediately following completion of a doctoral degree is the right time for strategic career considerations. Are you even interested in pursuing an academic career? If yes, which one? How about a specialised career path with a habilitation, usually combined with a temporary position at a chair or professorship? A management career via an assistant professorship in which you already perform many of the tasks expected of a professor? Or a project career like heading a junior research group, in which you concentrate entirely on research funded by third parties?
We would be happy to help answer any questions you may have in this phase.


Funding for this first phase usually comes from a post at the university, an interim scholarship, collaboration in another person’s larger research project or the initiation of an individual, smaller third-party funded project. Even in the initial postdoctoral phase, it is possible to obtain your own third-party funding, including the financing of your own position. This provides you with the additional advantage of being able to cite the acquired third-party funding in later applications, which is becoming increasingly important.

You can apply for research project funding, which also includes the financing of your own position, within the framework of the Walter Benjamin Programme or the DFG Individual Research Grants programme.

Once your preferences are clear, the question is how best to achieve the intended goal. What medium-term funding options are available? After all, at the end of the first postdoctoral phase, you should have a solid financial basis for your own academic activities in the coming years.
Funding for a stay abroad, which has become an integral part of academic careers, must also be secured.

 We would be happy to advise you on this topic.

University Funding

You can improve your career chances both within and outside the university by acquiring advanced qualifications. We offer training, workshops and seminars in which you can gain knowledge in areas important for your career.
For those who would like to apply for a third-party funded project and settle at the University of Bamberg, we have created Docks for Postdocs! The programme enables you to be visibly associated with the university and use its infrastructure even during the preparation and submission of your application.