Different forms of doctoral studies

Generally there are two different options for doing a doctorate:

  • doctoral programmes
  • individual doctorate

Doctoral Programmes

Doctoral programmes are characterized by a specific thematic field of research. The doctoral thesis takes shape and is written within a community of doctoral candidates and a network of supervising professors. Doctoral candidates attend particular subject-specific and interdisciplinary courses, and sign supervision agreements that regulate the rights and duties of doctoral candidates and advisors, respectively.

Admission requirements and modalities are provided by these programmes’ websites.

An overview of current doctoral programmes at the University of Bamberg can be found here.

Individual Doctorate

An individual doctorate is supervised by one professor. The common German expressions, Doktormutter or Doktorvater (literally “doctor-mother/father” to denote the PhD advisor), clearly illustrate the generally close relationship between supervisor and candidate.

Aside from regular participation in colloquia, independent doctoral studies do not necessarily require a more institutionalized exchange between doctoral candidates, but candidates may of course also attend courses geared towards the acquisition of additional qualifications, and may enter into supervision agreements.