Academic Career Advice (Postdoc)

The postdoc phase is the rush hour of an academic career: Establishing visibility as an independent researcher, cultivating and establishing contacts - preferably also international ones - gaining teaching and committee experience, doing research abroad, acquiring third-party funding, publishing in a strategically sensible way and, of course, becoming eligible for appointment - the to-do list is long and the time and financial resources are often limited. We will be happy to advise you on any questions that arise, support you in prioritising and help you find funding opportunities.

Whether you have a specific question or would like more general information about the options open to you - simply make an individual consultation appointment. We look forward to supporting you in developing your career plans and putting them into practice.

Dr. Martin Rehfeldt (general advice, Docks for Postdocs, TRAc Projects)
E-mail: postdoc.trac(at)
Tel.: 0951-863-3500

Dr. Antonia Widmer-Leitz (general advice, stays abroad, Better Research Sabbatical, TRAc qualification programme)
E-mail: postdoc.trac(at)
Tel.: 0951-863-3071