Second Postdoctoral Phase - Establishing a Profile


At this stage you have already embarked on a specialised career path with a habilitation, a management career via an assistant professorship or a project career with your own research project, possibly even heading a junior research group. Now it is important to look at ways to improve your chances for appointment, provided that you are indeed aiming to become a professor. We would be happy to advise you on this topic as well.


Despite the fact that your research pursuits are usually well-funded when you enter this phase, various financing issues can still arise. With international networking becoming ever more important in the research community, shorter or even longer stays abroad are often a good idea in this phase. Over the course of a project-based career, the end of a project inevitably raises the question of a subsequent follow-up project. And for those of you who hold a staff position or assistant professorship, it can be strategically advantageous to obtain third-party funding – not least because this has become an increasingly important factor in professorial appointments. We would be happy to advise you on the various funding options.

University Funding

We regularly offer advanced training courses tailored to researchers in this phase and to those preparing for the next steps in their career.
With its TRAc Projects programme, the University of Bamberg offers scholars who have independently obtained third-party funding the opportunity to link their own research project to the university without being assigned to a teaching unit. This guarantees the highest degree of academic freedom combined with the advantages of a visible affiliation with the university and the opportunity to utilise its valuable infrastructure.
The BETTER Research Sabbatical offers second-phase researchers employed at the University of Bamberg the opportunity to be temporarily and partially relieved of administrative and teaching duties in order to devote more time to improving their appointment prospects.