Third Postdoctoral Phase – Appointment Qualification


After obtaining the qualifications required for an appointment, many of you will continue your career by accepting a professorship at another university. Until then, however, we are happy to continue to support you in an advisory capacity.


Matters concerning finances are particularly crucial in this transitional phase: continued employment in budget-regulated positions is subject to strict limits as stipulated in the laws governing temporary academic contracts (Wissenschaftszeitvertragsgesetz), and the next step in the career progression, an appointment as a professor, is dependent on many (often external) factors and is therefore extremely difficult to plan. However, even in this phase, various institutions offer lines of funding that not only guarantee financial security during this transitional period, but that can also represent an important career asset. Time spent abroad can also prove useful. We would be glad to provide consultation concerning the various financing options.

University Funding

Among other things, we offer workshops tailored to the needs of those scholars applying for various professorships; e.g. training for appointment lectures.
With its TRAc Projects programme, the University of Bamberg offers scholars who have independently obtained third-party funding the opportunity to link their own research project to the university without being assigned to a teaching unit. This guarantees the highest degree of academic freedom combined with the advantages of a visible affiliation with the university and the opportunity to utilise its valuable infrastructure.