Admission Requirements and Aptitude Test F&A Master

In order to be successfully admitted into the Finance & Accounting F&A master's degree programme, established admission requirements have to be met and the aptitude test has to be passed.

Successful admission to the Finance & Accounting F&A master's degree programme requires a timely application including the requisite documents.

The corresponding provisions are set down in the examination regulations for the F&A Master. The current version can be found here.

The admission requirements can be found in § 26 of these regulations, the description of the aptitude test is given in Appendix 1 of the document. Below we display extracts of several essential elements for content illustration, however, solely the corresponding formulations in the respective valid version of the regulations are legally binding.

Access & Aptitude


(1) Access Requirements (§ 26)

(a) A successfully completed degree programme in business administration or a comparable field at a university or an equivalent domestic or foreign degree. The course of study must comprise at least 180 ECTS-credits, of those the business administration component must comprise at least 120 ECTS-credits. Of the ECTS-credits in business administration, 12 ECTS-credits must be in economics and 10 ECTS-credits in statistical methods or econometrics.

(b) Successful completion of the aptitude test (see below).

(2) Aptitude Test

The application for the degree programme includes the request for admission to the aptitude test. Admission to the aptitude test presupposes that all the documents listed below have been submitted completely and on time.

(a) Evidence of a university degree or equivalent in accordance with § 26, in which the rendered performances are shown with individual grades (see above).
Applicants who have not completed their degree by the end of the application deadline must enclose proof that at least 150 ECTS-credits have been obtained. In this case, a certificate from the education institution at which the qualifying degree is obtained must be enclosed, stating a fictitiously calculated overall grade – in that regard, the missing performances for the degree are marked with a grade of ‘4.0’.

(b)Evidence of particular achievements and qualifications as well as social commitment according to Table 2 of the regulations, if available (see below).
Aptitude for the Finance & Accounting master's degree programme is established if at least 60 points are determined in the aptitude test. These 60 points are achieved, if the relevant qualifying degree is graded with 2.5 or better.

  • Each tenth less with regard to that grade leads to a loss of 2 points, which can be compensated within certain limits by other criteria (see below).
  • A maximum of 10 points can be awarded for a commercial apprenticeship or comparable relevant practical vocational activities (vocational training, professional practice), a semester abroad completed during the course of study, as well as other special achievements or qualifications which provide information regarding the aptitude for the selected postgraduate programme. Evidence of such particular achievements and qualifications as well as social commitment, if available, must be provided (table 2 of the regulations).


If you have individual questions regarding the admission requirements, please feel free to contact our F&A student advisory service team in advance.


The suitability committee currently consists of the following four professors:

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Thomas Egner (Chair)

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Brigitte Eierle

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Matthias Muck

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Andreas Oehler