Advisory Services for English and American Studies

Central Student Advisory Service

Students can consult the staff of the Central Student Advisory Service as their first point of contact for general study-related questions. With your consent, they will refer you to the appropriate service offices or contact persons as needed. The Central Study Advisory Service supports prospective students and current students alike. More information is available HERE.

Departmental Student Advisory Service

The departmental student advisors provide information specifically related to English and American Studies: e.g. study program content, individual adjustments to the course-of-study layout, study techniques and exam requirements, as well as the official documents regulation your studies (Prüfungs- und Studienordnungen). Information about the study advisors at the Department of English and American Studies can be found HERE.

Conflict Counselling

The University of Bamberg offers a wide range of conflict counselling and advisory services, which are available in English as needed, though some sections of the website are only available in German. You can contact these points of service directly. More information is available HERE.

Additionally, you can also contact your student representative at the Department of English and American Studies or, alternatively, the student representatives of the faculty.