Field Trips of the American Studies Department

September 2024

Exile in America: Historical and Literary Perspectives – once again a compact seminar, bringing together American Studies and Modern and Contemporary History, will take place at a study center in the French Alps (Haus Giersch, Manigod)...details

July 2024

StuttgartThe American Studies Team is once again organizing a one-day museum trip in the summer semester. This time it is to the special exhibition "American Dreams: A New Life in the USA" at the Haus der Geschichte Baden-Württemberg...details

January 2024

Buttenheim – On January 26, 2024, a group of students from two American Studies classes got together for a trip to the Levis-Strauss-Museum, to explore the story of one man's journey from a Frankonian village to the American Dream...details

August 2019

Manigod - From August 25 to September 1, 2019, a group of graduate and postgraduate students from the fields of History and American Studies embarked on an excursion led by Profs. Christine Gerhardt (American Studies) and Sabine Freitag (Modern and Contemporary History) that perfectly combined a geographical journey to Manigod in the French Alps with an academic exploration of the American “wilderness.”...details 

August 2018

Manigod – From 12-19 August 2018, a group of History and American Studies students got together in the remote village of Manigod in the French Alps to participate in the interdisciplinary seminar “The American Presidency: History, Literature, Culture” led by Prof. Christine Gerhardt (Amerikanistik) and Prof. Sabine Freitag (Neuere und Neueste Geschichte)...details

March 2018

LondonThe British capital city has always drawn American visitors from all walks of life. During this field trip, we not only followed the London footsteps of American luminaries like Benjamin Franklin, but also focused on how the city changed during and after the World Wars, especially through American-British relations...details

August 2017

Manigod – The following illustrates a typical day of the week-long seminar on the American Civil War, an interdisciplinary joint venture of the departments for American Studies and Modern and Contemporary History at Bamberg University...details

March 2017

Rome – the Italian capital with its ancient history and many faces was our destination to explore the traces of American life abroaddetails

May 2016

17th International Comic Salon Erlangen –Transferring the adventures of Huckleberry Finn into the 21st century? No problem for the acclaimed graphic artist and author Olivia Vieweg, whom we met on May 28th at the comic book fair in Erlangen...details

September 2015

Hamburg and Bremerhaven – Following the route of previous generations, participants of a class about transatlantic migration went North to visit the harbors where German emigrants bid farewell to their old home in the 19th century...details

September 2014

Dublinthe capital of Ireland was the destination of a field trip that was part of a transatlantic seminar on "Irish America"details

January 2014

Prague– Prague's Charles University welcomed Bamberg students for the American Studies student symposium on Transatlantic Ties Between the United States of America and Germany...details

June 2013

Weimarchanging notions of friendship in the US and Germany were the focus of a day trip to the city of Goethe and Schiller...details

February 2013

Paris – During an excursion to Paris in connection with a seminar on American Modernism in Paris, Bamberg students followed the footsteps of F. Scott Fitzgerald, Gertrude Stein, Ernest Hemingway, Djuna Barnes and many other American expatriates...details

Schloss Neuschwanstein and Canadafor the participants of the seminar Germans in Canadian Literature and Culture this connection became perfectly clear when they explored two castles of 'mad' king Ludwig II...details

June 2012

American Civil War Reenactment in Walldürn near Würzburg, visited by students of the seminar Germans in the American Civil War...details

January 2012

International Romanticism near and in Frankfurt – participants of the class Left in Ruins: German and American Romanticism encountered artificial ruins and the works of various Romantic painters up close...details

October 2011

Romantic Literature at the Museum – the seminar Left in Ruins: German and American Romanticism explored the E.T.A. Hoffmann House in Bamberg...details

July 2011

Robin Hood, Wilhelm Tell, Jesse James – students of the seminar The Figur of the Outsider in the US and Germany travelled to the Jagst-valley to see a performance of Goethe's "Götz von Berlichingen" on the hero's proverbial doorsteps...details