BA-students who began their Ergänzungsmodul in or after the winter term 2014/15 will conclude this module with an oral exam. The Ergänzungsmodul needs to be taken in one of the three sub-disciplines (Linguistics, Literary or Cultural Studies) and consists of (A) a seminar in the advanced module and (B) a bi-weekly class on literary or cultural theory.

The oral exam takes place in English and after the completion of both the seminar and the theory class. The duration of the exam is 20 minutes, during which the candidate is examined about the seminar, the theory class, and their additional reading list.

The American studies section offers seminars for the Ergänzungsmodul in literary and cultural studies. Please consult the UnivIS entries of our seminars to check if they are offered as part of the Ergänzungsmodul.

For your oral examination, please select the respective document from the links below: