June 2022: International Conference "Family Ecologies: Family as/at Home"

The second of three transdisciplinary conferences of the international research group "(American) Family Matters" will take place at Bamberg University from June 17, 2022, to June 19, 2022. Details

The conference is organized by PD Dr. Zehelein (Univ. Bamberg). The research group is led by PD Dr. Eva-Sabine Zehelein (Univ. Bamberg), Prof. Dr. Carosso (Univ. Turino, Italy), und Prof. Dr. Coquet-Mokoko (Univ. Versailles, Paris).

April 2022: Virtual Conference "Joan Didion: Life and/with/through Words"

In April, international scholars met virtually to talk about Joan Didion's life and work.

The conference was organized by PD Dr. Eva-Sabine Zehelein. Details.

September 2021: "Speculative Fiction and Ethics" - 12th Annual Meeting of the Association for Research in the Fantastic

The 12th Annual Meeting of the Association for Research in the Fantastic, held on September 23 - 25, 2021 will focus on “Speculative Fiction and Ethics.” The conference will interrogate how speculative literature and other speculative media speak to personal, social, and political ethics, how such texts question the existence of universal moral values, and in which ways they shed light on the specific contexts in and conditions under which individuals, groups, or societies act and make (ethical) decisions.

This conference is jointly organized by Lorena Bickert, M.A. and Mareike Spychala, M.A. (University of Bamberg) and Jun.-Prof. Dr. Judith Rauscher and Sara Tewelde-Negassi (University of Cologne). More information

March 2018: International Conference "War and Trauma in Past and Present: An Interdisciplinary Conference"

This conference was placed at the intersection of longstanding academic debates and analyses centered around the topics of war and trauma in literary, cultural, and media studies. The presenters from 10 different countries focused on contemporary depictions of war and its effects as well as earlier depictions from the 19th and 20th centuries. More information

November 2016: International Conference "The Environment and Human Migration: Rethinking the Politics of Poetry"

This conference was dedicated to American and transnational poetry from different historical and cultural contexts that understands questions of the environment and of migration as connected. The participants analyzed poetry that presents both topics in complex, aesthetically innovative fashions. They also considered questions of environmental and migratory poetry in the context of poetics, ethics, and politics. More Information

November 2015: Postgraduate Conference of the German Association for American Studies

The annual PGF conference brings together young scholars of American Studies for presentation-based discussions of current issues in the field. The PGF Conference 2015 was co-organized by the departments of American Studies in Bamberg and Bayreuth. More Information

July 2014: International Symposium "Whitman Across Genres"

From July 21-26, 2014, the Bamberg American Studies section organized the international symposium "Whitman Across Genres." The symposium was part of the 7th International Walt Whitman Week, also held in Bamberg. More information

January 2014: Symposium "Nature – Mobility – Literature: The Environmental Imagination of Migration"

As part of a research project on the intersections between the natural environment and people's migratory movements, the American Studies section organized a research symposium. More information

January 2014: International Student Symposium "Transatlantic Ties Between the United States of America and Germany"

In January 2014, the Bamberg American Studies program organized an international student symposium together with the Department of American Studies at Charles University, Prague. More information