Dr. Nicole K. Konopka


  • since 2022: "Let’s Talk!" – initiator and co-organizer of a regular roundtable for students of the Institute of English and American Studies (in partnership with representatives of the student council)
  • 2020-2021: "Staff Mobility"initiator and co-ordinator of a taskforce on mid-faculty level
  • 2016-2021: "Bamberg Buddies School Project" – co-initiator member and organizer of a volunteer program for North American guest students, providing opportunities to act as teaching assistants or cultural advisors in local high schools (partnership program)
  • since 2015/2016: "Taskforce Teaching" – initiator and co-organizer of a regular roundtable to coordinate and jointly organize classes taught by all sections involved in literary and cultural studies modules at the Department of English and American Studies
  • since 2013: "Media Session"initiator and continuous organizer of weekly screenings and subsequent discussions of movies from and about North-America


Edited Volume

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