PD Dr. Eva-Sabine Zehelein


Lecture (All Modules)

  • The Long 19th Century

Seminars (Advanced and Specialization Module)

  • "A woman must not accept; she must challenge" (Sanger): 'second wave' feminism and America, 1960s-1980s
  • "Daddy, is it you?" - American Father(hood)s
  • Suburbia
  • American Mother
  • Home 2: "at home" in Germany and America
  • Home
  • Redlining in America – 1934 to Today
  • Feminist Fiction – Pre and Post #MeToo
  • America, the 19th Century and the Short Form
  • Little Fires Everywhere in America Today

Practice Class (Graduate Level)

  • Research Seminar and Thesis Supervision: American Literature and Culture (BA, MA und Teaching Degree)
  • Exam Preparation "American Literature" (LA)