Double Degrees Including the Bachelor of Arts in English and American Studies

Double Bachelor's Degree

If you do a multi-subject bachelor's degree programme with two major subjects, you can acquire a dual qualification in both subjects without much additional effort by writing a bachelor's thesis in your second major.


  • The content of both major subjects (first or second major subject) are the same or recognised as equivalent.
  • You have completed your degree and are now re-enrolling in the reverse variety:
    First degree: English and American Studies (major 1) – German Language and Literature (major 2)
    Second degree: German Language and Literature (major 1) – English and American Studies (major 2)
  • You have all your work (except the bachelor’s thesis) from your first degree credited towards your second degree and only have to write the bachelor’s thesis in your new first major subject.
    Because you are transferring credits internally, your submitted work will not need to undergo a subject-specific recognition process for the individual examination and course credit completed in your first degree. This option is only available in cases where the modules of both varieties of the two major subjects are the same or recognised as equivalent. Please contact the relevant subject-specific advisory service for more information. To transfer all ECTS points you have completed for your first degree, contact the examination board of the first major subject of your second degree.

This will give you two completed bachelor's degrees with one certificate each.

Documents for the dual bachelor's degree in teacher education

See Regulations and Documents for all relevant files about the dual degree course.

Double Bachelor's Degree for Teacher Training Students

In addition to the State Examination in English as a teaching subject, you can also acquire a bachelor's degree in English and American Studies. The modularised teacher training programme with English as a teaching subject at high school level and the Bachelor of Arts in English and American Studies at the University of Bamberg are compatible and combinable by design.


  • The specialisation module in Cultural Studies for the bachelor's degree programme is coupled with the regional studies module in the teacher training programme. Because you only need one advanced module, however, you can transfer the credits of your advanced module in Linguistics or Literary Studies.
  • For students embarking on their course before or in the 2014 summer semester: You need to take an additional supplemental module from the bachelor's degree course for 1 ECTS point.

Of course, any work completed for other teacher training programmes can also be credited towards a bachelor's degree. In this case, however, your workload for the dual degree will be higher.
If you have any questions, please contact the subject-specific advisory service for English and American Studies or the Centre for Teacher Training (ZLB).

If you are planning to complete a master's degree in English and American Studies (Master of Arts in English and American Studies)in addition to a teacher training programme, please see the website Master in English and American Studies for details.