Programme Profile

You can tailor your studies to match your individual interests by choosing minor subjects like German Language, Literature and Culture, Kulturgutsicherung (preserving cultural artifacts), History, Applied Computer Science or European Economic Studies.

For an overview of the subjects you may choose as minor subjects in this course, see /bachelor.

Why study English and American Studies? Why choose Bamberg?

The degree programme in English and American Studies at the University of Bamberg promotes intercultural competences in an increasingly international business environment. Covering a wide range of aspects, the programme is very compatible with other subjects, giving its students flexibility for their future professional or academic career.

Another overarching goal of the degree programme is to foster students’ confident proficiency in using the English language by offering many practical language training modules. A wide range of options for studies and internships abroad consolidate these language skills and give students valuable international experiences.

Programme Objectives

  • Imparting knowledge and skills in the sub-disciplines of Cultural Studies, Literary Studies and Linguistics, including their historical dimensions
  • Fostering practical language proficiency and an international mindset among the programme’s students
  • As the programme is specifically designed to benefit the regional economy, it aims to produce graduates with excellent language skills and competences in cultural studies (social analysis and history).