The Master English and American Studies at the University of Bamberg includes two individual branches of study, the regular track and the Joint Programme. Depending on the personal focus, either of these two branches may be more suitable for an applicant. To get an overview of the differences between the branches, please see this comparison.

Why Bamberg?

Why study English in a non-anglophone country? The programme offers another perspective to Anglophone Literary and Cultural Studies simply by taking place in Germany and, specifically in the case of the Joint Programme, a second partner university. This adds different approaches to the learning process. For international students, this adds yet another layer by including their own perspectives on Anglophone literature and culture, studied in Germany with people from all over the world. The programme is rich because it naturally establishes an environment in which the student not only receive a solid academic training but also encounter the culture (and lifestyle) and ideas of different peoples.

Besides the easy accessibility of the administrative and teaching staff, study material is also easily available through the university library, which offers both a large stock of printed and digital materials, as well as additional digital services. In addition, you get to study at a UNESCO World Heritage Site. As most of the classes you will study are held in the centre of town, you will always be surrounded by Bamberg's lovely architecture and the cafés are just around the corner.

If you want to learn more, please visit the university's information page on living in Bamberg.