Applying to Bamberg University for your mobility semester

To be awarded your double degree from your entrance university and the University of Bamberg, you need to apply to the University of Bamberg through our Registrar's Office during the regular application period (see here).

These are the documents you need to provide:

  • Online application form for the University of Bamberg
  • School leaving certificate + English/German translation
  • University diploma + English/German translation
  • Transcript of university records + English/German translation
  • Diploma supplement + English/German translation (if provided by your university)
  • The language proficiency certificate you used to apply to the Joint Programme consortium
  • The nomination letter you have received from the Joint Programme consortium
  • See here ("Special conditions") if any special conditions exist for your country

To apply, please follow these steps:

  • Fill out the online application form (University of Bamberg) and print it
  • Get authorized copies of all of your documents (Original documents must be provided upon enrolment at Bamberg but should not be sent via postal mail)
  • Send your documents via postal mail to our Academic Registrar's Office:
    • Otto-Friedrich-Universität Bamberg
      Kapuzinerstraße 25
      96047 Bamberg

Before arriving in Bamberg

Please note that three different offices are involved in the organization and administration of your stay in Bamberg, the Registrar’s Office (Studierendenkanzlei), the International Office (Akademisches Auslandsamt) and the academic advisors at the Department of English Literature (Dr. Susan Brähler).

  • Admission and enrolment: Your application will be processed by our Registrar’s Office (see above). Once your admission has been assessed, you will receive an admission letter via e-mail, which you need to enrol. This letter informs you of the next steps you need to undertake as well as the deadline for enrolment.
  • German preparatory class, housing, Erasmus grant, events and support for exchange students: These will be dealt with by our International Office. You will receive all the relevant information via e-mail.
  • Erasmus learning agreement and course selection: Your academic advisor, Dr. Susan Brähler, is responsible for signing your Erasmus learning agreement "during mobility". The academic advisors need to make sure that the classes you have selected for your mobility semester correspond with the framework set by the Joint Programme. Please bear in mind that you are not 'regular' Erasmus/exchange students in the sense that your course selection needs to comply with the Joint Programme!

Please note:
As you need a permanent residence in Bamberg, bank account and health insurance before you can successfully enrol, please make sure to arrive no later than three (better: four) days before the end of the respective enrolment period! To get help with these issues, please get in touch with our International Student Support team.

Meeting your coordinator

Before you start at Bamberg, we would like to welcome you in person. Please inform your academic coordinator, Dr. Susan Brähler, of the date of your arrival so she can set up a meeting with all visiting Joint Programme students. At this meeting, you will discuss your class selection and she will sign your ERASMUS learning agreement ("during mobility") issued by your International Office.

Please note: Students failing to meet their coordinator in Bamberg will no longer be eligible for any extra support for international students.

This semester, this meeting will be held online. Please follow the instructions sent to you via e-mail.

Obligatory appointments

1. Orientation Meeting

In the meeting, you will be given all kinds of information relevant to your study success in Bamberg. You will also meet some of your professors and your academic advisor. Please note that not attending this meeting can lead to serious problems during the course of your studies!

2. Placement Test

This English language proficiency test is obligatory for all new students of the Institute of English and American Studies and you are only exempt from it if you are a native speaker. If you fail to attend the test, you are not allowed to take any courses of the Institute and might have to prolong your course of studies. This 90-minute multiple-choice-test covers questions about vocabulary, grammar and text comprehension.

For more information on the next Orientation Meeting and the Placement Test, please visit the respective section on our BASIS information page.

Selecting classes

When studying on MA level at the Institute of English and American Studies, you need to consider a few things:

  • Seminars on MA level are called "Hauptseminare" and they yield 8 ECTS credits; seminars for 6 ECTS credits are NOT open to MA students
  • Lectures and tutorials open to MA students are called "Vorlesung" or "Übung" and you can earn 2 or 4 ECTS credits for them. Courses called "Tutorium" do not yield credits, including our support programme's workshops and tutorials
  • Language courses are taught by the language centre ("Sprachenzentrum"), they include German courses. If you wish to take languages other than German, please note that the courses are taught in German. You can normally use these courses for your free electives

After you have chosen your classes, check with your academic coordinator in Bamberg to make sure you can actually take them before entering them into your ERASMUS learning agreement ("during mobility"). Once your course selection has been approved of by the coordinator, please register via FlexNow!. If you need help with the registration process, contact our Support upon Arrival team. If you encounter any problems with the registration, please contact your coordinator.

How to navigate Univis:

  • Click here to access Univis, the course portal.
  • To find courses in English and American Studies (except language proficiency) select "Vorlesungsverzeichnis", then "Fakultät Geistes- und Kulturwissenschaften", then "Institut für Anglistik/Amerikanistik"
  • To find courses for language practice in English select "Vorlesungsverzeichnis", then "Zentrale und wissenschaftliche Einrichtungen", then "Sprachenzentrum", then "Englisch", then "Englisch Phil"