Before the start of classes: obligatory appointments

During the week before classes start again, new MA students of English and American Studies need to attend two obligatory appointments. 

1. Meeting the Coordinators

Before you start at Bamberg, we like to welcome you in person. Please inform your academic coordinators of the date of your arrival so they can set up meetings in small groups where you discuss your individual structure and learning agreement.

This semester, these meetings will be held online and the coordinators will contact new students via e-mail.

2. Orientation Meeting

In the meeting, you will be given all kinds of information relevant to your study success in Bamberg. You will also meet some of your professors and your academic advisor. Please note that not attending this meeting can lead to serious problems during the course of your studies!

This meeting will be held via Zoom. New students will be informed via e-mail.

3. Placement Test

This English language proficiency test is obligatory for all new students of the Institute of English and American Studies and you are only exempt from it if you are a native speaker. If you fail to attend the test, you are not allowed to take any courses of the Institute and might have to prolong your course of studies. This 90-minute multiple-choice-test covers questions about vocabulary, grammar and text comprehension.

In the winter semester 2021, the test wil be held online via the Virtual Campus (VC). Students need to sign up for the course "Anglistik/Amerikanistik Placement Test"  (password Ang_Ame_PT_Oktober2021). Please follow the instructions on this platform. On Tuesday, 12 October, more information will be distributed through this course.

Support upon Arrival

Since many students struggle with the necessary administration upon arrival, such as opening a bank account, getting a German health insurance, or enrolling at the university, we have hired student helpers to assist you with these issues. Please contact them if you need any organisational help during your first few days in Bamberg (or later, e.g. when going to the examinations office).

If you need help directly upon arrival, please contact the student helpers in good time so that they can help you plan your trips around the Bamberg authorities.

Due to the current situation, students using this service will need to adhere to the following safety rules:

  • Student helpers will only be allowed to meet you five days (or later) after your arrival in Bamberg
  • Students must bring a negative Covid test (taken max. 24 hours before the meeting) or be fully vaccinated (plus 14 days for the vaccine to take effect). Please either bring your test or vaccination certification/immunization passport to the meeting and show it to the student helper.
  • Both students and student helpers must wear surgical masks or FFP2 masks during the entire meeting.

If these rules are not adhered to, our student helpers are not allowed to continue with the meeting.

Your student helpers: Janina Lupprian and Marcellina Scheller
Contact: hiwi.maeas.englit(at)

International Help Desk

A weekly office hour held by one of our student helpers will provide you with the opportunity to talk to a fellow student about any study-related problem occuring throughout the semester. Your tutor will help you with problems regarding course or exam registration or provide support with organisational questions, relating for instance to the registrar's office or the examinations office. The Help Desk is open once or twice every week during the whole semester and during the summer break 2021.

The Help Desk is coordinated via the VC course "Tutorial for Students of MA English and American Studies" (see red box above) and you can book your individual appointment there.

Your tutor: Leonie Unkel
Contact: hiwi.maeas.englit(at)

Workshop Academic Infrastructure

This workshop provides you with the necessary information about the facilities of the University of Bamberg and the structure of the Institute of English and American Studies. You will learn how to find courses and register for exams and find out about course formats and requirements, and much more information relevant to your studies in Bamberg. We strongly recommend you take part in this workshop to make your start in Bamberg easier. Your tutor will also help you set up your individual study plan and register for the respective courses.

The workshops will be held via Zoom. New students will be informed via e-mail.

Your tutors: Janina Lupprian and Marcellina Scheller
Contact: hiwi.maeas.englit(at)

Workshop Academic Research

This two-part workshop helps you find your way around the library in Bamberg and helps you access the university library catalogue and databases. You will learn about planning and researching presentations and term papers and your tutor will help you stick to the academic standards of the Institute of English and American Studies and maintain academic integrity. This workshop is particularly relevant for those students who have never had to write term papers or give presentations, but we recommend all new students to take part in it.

Please note that the workshop consists of two different parts and students should attend both appointments.

The workshops will be held via Microsoft Teams. Please join the VC course "Tutorial for MA EAS students" (see red box above) to find more information, material and the link to the team

Your tutor: Amelie Biersack
Contact: hiwi.maeas.englit(at)