New date: 14 June 2024

First Student Conference of the MA English and American Studies (regular track)

Call for Papers

“Diversity: Linguistic, Cultural and Literary Perspectives”

After having had to delay the first installment of our student and alumni conference series for the MAEAS (regular track) in 2020, we are happy to announce that the conference is finally going to happen. Under the overarching topic “Building Bridges, Bridging Gaps”, we are bringing together a diverse range of scholars from all subject areas of English and American Studies. This year’s topic, diversity, is a continuation of our Online Lecture Series (in winter semester 2023/24) and the student and alumni conference for the Joint Programme in English and American Studies in April 2024. Rounding off the academic year with this third event, this conference will also provide a forum for an inter- and transdisciplinary exchange about diversity in all its facets.

We would like to invite all students in and graduates of the MA in English and American Studies (regular track) to contribute to our conference with either a paper or a poster presentation which deals with the topic of diversity from a literary, cultural, linguistic or transdisciplinary angle. In accordance with the UNESCO Universal Declaration on Cultural Diversity of 2001, we consider cultural diversity to be part of our ‘common heritage of humanity’ and thus to be a source of innovation and creativity: “the cultural wealth of the world is its diversity in dialogue” (UNESCO). Its appreciation and protection are major prerequisites for international and intersectional solidarity and exchange. This conference aims to exemplify this understanding of diversity as a fundamentally human need. Within the area of English and American Studies, there is ample opportunity to explore representations and negotiations of cultural diversity. We encourage you thus to participate in our conference with papers examining diversity and plurality in the areas of language, religion, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, age etc. and their literary and cultural representations.

Click here for the conference's program and book of abstracts.(151.3 KB)