Research Areas of the Department of English Literature

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    Prof. Dr. Nora Pleßke:

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    Focus areas:

    • Anglophone Kulturen, Medien und Literaturen (18. - 21. Jahrhundert)
    • Urban Studies, Material Culture Studies, Economic Criticism
    • Transkulturelle und Postkoloniale Theorie
    • Mentalitätsgeschichte und -theorie
    • Materiale, mediale und kulturelle Geschichte des britischen Empires
    • London- und Stadtliteratur; Stadt- und Raumtheorie

    PD Dr. Beatrix Hesse:

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    Focus areas:

    • English crime fiction and the English crime play 

    Igor Baldoino, M.A.

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    Focus areas:

    • Gender Studies
    • Literary Heroism
    • LGBTQ + Literature and Culture 

    Dr. Susan Brähler: 

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    Focus areas:

    • Caribbean literature of migration (interdisciplinary approach), black British literature, post-ethnic literature
    • Collective memory and nostalgia
    • Transcultural identities
    • Theories of space
    • Globalization and cosmopolitism
    • Alterity in literary history
    • The 20th and 21st century novel 

    Dr. Kerstin-Anja Münderlein: 

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    Focus areas:

    • The 18th century novel. The Gothic novel, Gothic parodies
    • Elizabethan and Jacobean theatre, especially revenge tragedy
    • Genre and reception theory
    • English Literature of the Great War 
    • Golden Age Crime Fiction