To read, or not to read...

William Shakespeare's works are well-known, or should be well known, to all students of English literature. However, when reading Shakespeare some people struggle to fully appreciate his language or his brilliantly designed characters. Reading Shakespeare on your own can also appear somewhat daunting, even though his plays are full of emotion, philosophy and good fun! To access this fun in bringing the Bard's language to life, the Shakespeare Reading Group was founded in October 2014. Every Thursday, we meet to read the plays together - occasionally taking the chance to enact a scene or two. In addition to the play text, we also discuss Elizabethan and Jacobean socio-political theory, philosophy and life in general.

The Shakespeare Reading Group is conducted in English and open to all members of the University of Bamberg.

For more information, please contact Kerstin-Anja Münderlein.

The members of the Shakespeare Reading Group have access to an encompassing collection of essays, links and other materials on Shakespeare, his time and his works via the Virtual Campus. The password for this course will be published in the first session of class every semester.