Information on the 'Ergänzungmodul'

B.A. students finish the 'Ergänzungsmodul' with an oral exam. They can complete the 'Ergänzungsmodul' in one of the three fields of study (Linguistics, Literature, Cultural Studies). It consists of one seminar (2 hours) and one methodological practice course (e. g. “Methods and Theories”; 1 hour), which should be completed prior to or in the same term as the seminar. The contents of both courses will be part of the oral exam.


The oral exam is taken at the end of the term in which the module is completed and is 20 minutes long.


The 'Ergänzungsmodul' in Cultural Studies can be completed at the Professorship

of British and American Cultural Studies.


Find more information on the exam and the registration process here(79.7 KB, 6 pages) (in German).