The different subjects in the field of Humanities are widely known to have a high international orientation. Studying abroad may be an integral part of your studies – whether as a mandatory part of your degree programme’s curriculum or as a recommended option. Studying abroad is one of the best ways to gain new experiences, develop new ideas and broaden your horizon. No matter whether you will find future employment in international institutions, work independently with international partners, or go abroad on a professional basis – you should already lay the ground for this during your studies!

If you would like to obtain more information on Summer Schools, internships or scholarships you are welcome to visit our VC course (named Koordination für Internationales).

European Joint Master's Programme in English and American Studies

For more information on the programme, please visit the website of the programme itself.

For the recognition of ECTS credits collected during your mobility period, please bring the following documents to the Departmental Coordinator or send them to us via E-mail.

  1. The official ECTS recognition form(59.0 KB, 2 pages)
  2. Certificate of the foreign university ("Transcript of Records")

Support for Students

In her position as coordinator for exchange programmes, the Erasmus Departmental Coordinator supports the issues of students of the University of Bamberg and international students who participate in a university exchange programme as part of Erasmus+ or other programmes. The Erasmus Departmental Coordinator …

  • helps students of the University of Bamberg to have course credits obtained abroad recognised
  • administers study agreements, transcripts and certificates
  • is responsible at faculty level for signing Learning Agreements of international students
  • advises students on questions about studying abroad
  • participates in selection processes
  • is committed to the structural development and optimisation of student exchange programmes
  • mentors exchange students at the faculty of Humanities studying at the University of Bamberg as part of the Erasmus programme or other programmes

Flexibility with Studium Generale - Acquiring Language Skills at an Early Stage

All degree programmes at the Faculty of Humanities include the so-called Studium Generale, which allows you to broaden your horizon by participating in courses which are not part of your academic field. The Studium Generale is credited with 18 ECTS points, which you can utilise to…

  • gain further knowledge or deepen your knowledge in foreign languages right from the very beginning of your studies. You can choose your courses from the range of courses offered by the Language Centre, these being mainly the courses which are open to students of all faculties.
  • choose freely from courses offered by partner universities, if you would like to participate in an exchange programme during your fifth semester and not just take courses in your major subject.


„Internationalisation at Home“

Needless to say that all studies in foreign language degree programmes have an international aspect. Beyond that, our instructors cooperate with institutions all over the world. Many of them have conducted research projects and gained teaching experience at universities abroad, an experience which they can now use to good effect in their lectures at the University of Bamberg. Future plans include lectures in cooperation with international partner universities.

The many international students who come to Bamberg every year enrich university and student life by bringing their international perspective and experience with them.


Studying Abroad

All degree programmes in linguistics, cultural and communication studies offer you the opportunity to study abroad. The University of Bamberg has established a broad network of international partner universities with which we have signed student exchange programme agreements. However, studying abroad at universities which are not part of our agreement is also possible if you have already established contacts or would like to make your own contacts. The Erasmus Departmental Coordinator will support you in all questions concerning the time before and after your studies abroad. By signing „Learning Agreements“, you will ensure in advance to receive recognition for courses successfully completed abroad, so that the duration of your studies will not be extended.

Supporting University Researchers in International Activities

You are a member of the University of Bamberg‘s academic staff and would like to participate in the Erasmus mobility for teaching (STA)? Please contact Dr. Weihe from the International Office. If you plan any other international activities (excursions, research abroad, cooperation in teaching and research, inviting international researchers), please contact me, as I advise and support academic faculty members in giving their international activities a strategic focus. I will support you in finding a fitting financing for your international plans.

For members of the University administration, the Erasmus mobility for training (STT) Erasmus-Personalmobilität (STT) programme is available for further education and training purposes. The International Office will assist you with any questions you may have about the programme.