Bachelor of Arts in Romance Studies

Programme Focus: Language, Literature, Culture

The bachelor's degree programme in Romance Studies at the University of Bamberg focuses on the languages, literatures and cultures of the Romance world. Divided into the four sub-disciplines of Literary Studies, Linguistics, Cultural Studies and Language Practice, the programme furnishes students with an in-depth understanding of the structures, significances and functions of Romance languages and the various literary and cultural dimensions of Europe, the Americas and other regions. 

There is a focus on the development of linguistic, literary and cultural phenomena ranging from the Middle Ages to today's chatrooms and poetry slams. Students also work on their oral and written proficiency in the Romance languages. 

This varied degree course teaches a wide range of technical, communicational and cultural skills that are highly sought after in many fields of modern society. 

Degree Programme at a Glance 

Degree Programme at a Glance 
Finale ExaminationBachelor's Examination (accompanying the programme) 
TitleBachelor of Arts
Standard Programme Duration6 semesters
Programme StartWinter or summer semester
Type of studiesFull-time and part-time possible
AdmissionNot admission-limited

Programme Structure 

The Bachelor of Arts in Romance Studies is available in two variations. It can be studied as a dual major in conjunction with another subject (students write their bachelor’s thesis in one of the two subjects only) or as a major with two minors

A third variation is possible in cases where Romance Studies is taken as a major and a minor, for which the student must take two Romance languages. 

Programme Variations

  • Romance Studies as a major subject (75 ECTS points) 

  • Romance Studies as an in-depth minor subject (45 ECTS points) 
  • Combination of Romance Studies as a major and an expanded minor subject 

  • Romance Studies as a minimal minor subject (30 ECTS points) 

  • Combination of Romance Studies as a major and minimal minor subject

The University Website offers detailed information about the multi-subject bachelor's degree courses and the ways in which they may be combined.