Double Degree: Bachelor of Arts and Teacher Training

You can take the State Examination in one of the subjects of Romance Studies in addition to your bachelor's degree. The modularised teacher education programme for high school teaching and the Bachelor of Arts in Romance Studies at the University of Bamberg are compatible and combinable by design. 


Of course, any work completed for other teacher training programmes can also be credited towards a bachelor's degree. In this case, however, your workload for the double degree will be higher. 
If you have any questions, please contact the Subject Advisory Service for Romance Studies or the Bamberg Centre for Teacher Training

If you are planning to complete a master's degree in Romance Studies in addition to your teacher training programme, see the page about the Master of Arts in Romance Studies for information. 

Please note: Bachelor's and master’s students must attend a final oral examination either before or after submitting their thesis, depending on the study and examination regulations for the degree in question. Teacher education students must inquire in advance whether an equivalent oral examination is required for them. Similarly, students who are required to attend an oral examination within the scope of  double degree studies must contact the Secretary’s Office of the Chair of Romance Studies (Ms Arnold) for an exam date in good time. 

Studies Abroad 

The results of your studies abroad can be credited towards your degree at the University of Bamberg. To this end, you must make a recognition/learning agreement with the subject advisor at the University of Bamberg and have it reviewed before embarking on your studies abroad. This exchange is also important because it helps you choose the right classes abroad and clarify any recognition issues that may arise. You may submit your choice of courses at your host university to Ms Arnold for recognition purposes. 

The Exchange Coordination Service of the Faculty of Humanities helps you with these steps and provides detailed information and all required forms

Florian Lützelberger is responsible for the initial review of your documents after your stay abroad. Please bring the following documents when seeing him: 

  • The completed recognition form 

  • Evidence of all coursework and/or examinations completed abroad 

Double Bachelor's Degree  

If you do a multi-subject bachelor's degree course with two major subjects, you can acquire a dual qualification in both subjects by writing a bachelor's thesis in your second major. 


  • The contents of your chosen varieties of both major subjects (first or second major subject) are the same or recognised as equivalent. 

  • You have completed your degree and are now re-enrolling in the reverse variety: 
    First course: English and American Studies (major 1) – Romance Studies (major 2) 
    Second course: Romance Studies (major 1) – English and American Studies (major 2) 

  • You have all your work (except the bachelor’s thesis) from your first degree credited towards your second degree and only have to write the bachelor’s thesis in your new first major subject. 
    Because you are transferring credits internally, your submitted work will not need to undergo a recognition process. This option is only available in cases where the modules of both varieties of the two major subjects are the same or recognised as equivalent. Please contact the Academic Advice Service of the relevant subject for more information. To transfer all ECTS points you have completed for your first degree, contact the examination board of the first major subject of your second degree. 

This will give you two completed bachelor's degrees with a certificate each.