Medieval and Post-Medieval Archaeology

The Chair of Medieval and Post-Medieval Archaeology (AMANZ) recovers information on culture, daily life and environment by analysing traces of medieval and post-medieval life.

The mission of the so-called Historical Archaeologies is to obtain new knowledge through the synopsis of all kinds of traces of human existence including image and written sources.

The University of Bamberg has been the first university in Germany to offer a degree programme for medieval and post-medieval archaeology.

Unfortunately, considering its importance for the governmental care of sites of archaeological and historical interest, medieval and post-medieval archaeology has not yet been represented in German universities as it should be.

For a long time, Bamberg had even been the only university in Germany, that had featured a certified degree programme in the field of post-medieval archaeology.

Right from the beginning, the focus of the degree programme was on the requirements of the future profession of the students. So as the need of practical knowledge, which is provided together with the many other archaeological disciplines in Bamberg and especially in cooperation with the Chair of Heritage Conservation Studies.

The degree programmes are characterized by an optimal staff-student ratio and belong to a faculty of committed scholars in the field of humanities.

Our students benefit from direct contact to government offices and authorities, as well as museums, foundations and cultural institutions in Germany and abroad.