V. Diederich
 A. Bischof
 V. Diederich
 Geschichtspark Bärnau-Tachov
 B. Ziegler

Programme abstract

Medieval and Post-Medieval Archaeology (known by the German acronym AMaNz) explores the past on the basis of material legacies, but also in conjunction with written and visual sources. The typical subjects of this discipline are castles, monasteries and churches, but can also include cities and villages as well as all aspects of everyday culture. More recently, approaches influenced by cultural studies and the examination of the recent past have gained in significance.
Medieval and post-medieval archaeology has an important role to play in the practical side of (archaeological) heritage conservation in Germany. This programme opens up career opportunities in state and municipal institutes and authorities, in museums, and also in the private sector (excavation companies, cultural promotion). The Bamberg master’s degree programme in Medieval and Post-Medieval Archaeology provides you with the knowledge you need to start your professional career. Equally, it enables you to pursue doctoral studies and a further career in academia and cultural institutions.

The degree programme at a glance
ProgrammeMedieval and Post-Medieval Archaeology
QualificationMaster of Arts (M.A.)
ECTS points120
Standard Programme Duration4 semesters
Programme StartWinter or summer semester
Type of StudiesFull-time and part-time possible
Admissions criteriaA minimum mark of 2.5 in the field of archaeology or a similar subject & good knowledge of English (B2)