Bachelor’s Degree Programme in Archaeology

Archaeology explores the history and culture of humankind from its very beginnings until the most recent past on the basis of material remains. Studies in Archaeology are not backward-looking, but rather aim to make the historical roots of the present understandable and to open our eyes to the wider historical contexts as they apply to society and culture in the past, present and future.

The bachelor’s degree programme in Archaeology is aimed at candidates with a university entrance qualification who are interested in the discipline of archaeology. Its primary goal is to impart fundamental knowledge and enable students to develop methodological skills in various archaeological disciplines.

The programme includes courses from the following fields:

With this array of subject areas, the Bamberg programme is one of the widest-ranging archaeological degree programmes in the German-speaking world in terms of the periods and subject matter covered.

Due to being able to individually select their own courses, students are given personal responsibility, as well as the opportunity to define their own fields of interest and form specific focus areas within the discipline at an early stage. Students have access to numerous subsequent specialisations in this field as a direct result of the wide range of archaeological sub-disciplines offered.

Programme abstract

The degree programme at a glance 
Final ExaminationBachelor’s Examination (accompanying the programme)
DegreeBachelor of Arts
ETCS points180, 75, 45, 30
Standard Programme Duration6 semesters
Programme StartWinter or summer semester
Type of StudiesFull-time and part-time possible

Further information on the Bachelor’s Degree Programme in Archaeology