Join the Team

Vacancies, if any should arise, will be advertised through the usual channels. However, even if there is currently no position to fill within the core team, you could still apply to join us by submitting a research proposal that would, as it were, plug into the project.

Various institutions might fund your proposal:

Note that all of these schemes are highly competitive. Sadly, even for strong candidates, failure is much more likely than success. Applying therefore makes sense only if i) your current profile is promising (excellent grades, publication record matching your research experience etc.) and ii) the AntCoCo project makes sense as a host to your proposed research (as this is a factor of key importance to many referees).

Why should you choose Bamberg’s AntCoCo project as host? First, during the application process, you’ll have administrative support; if you wish, you will also have support with authoring your proposal. Second, AntCoCo now includes a team of fine researchers which will provide you with an intellectually stimulating environment. Third, Bamberg offers numerous advantages:

Most of the University of Bamberg’s facilities are located in various listed buildings in the center of the baroque old town, which itself is a UNESCO world heritage site. Expect a pleasant German town with rivers, bridges, old buildings and many, many cafés.  
Working conditions are absolutely excellent. How come? First, the local university library is quite comprehensive despite the fact that the university was re-founded only a few decades ago. Needless to say, there is online access to most of the journals and databases you will ever need.

Second, a Germany-wide effort has been made to buy every book at least once and to therefore have any book available in at least one location. Being a federal country, the different disciplines were assigned to different German libraries. Munich received “Classics”, which means that almost every book on Classics is available at Munich. Like Bamberg, Munich is located in Bavaria, meaning that, if you order a book via intra-library loan from Munich to Bamberg, you receive it within a few days (they don’t use mail, but their own trucks), and it’s free.

Third, within Germany, there’s also a service called Subito: if you need an article which is not available online, Subito scans it and sends it to you, often in less than one day. This service is available for a small fee.

Bamberg is on the main high-speed rail line from Munich to Berlin and is also conveniently near to Germany’s main airport in Frankfurt am Main. Additionally, Bamberg is within the local transport area of Nuremberg.