Welcome to the Institute of Oriental Studies in Bamberg

The Institute of Oriental Studies in Bamberg incorporates seven subject areas:

We focus on language and culture of a region ranging from North Africa to the Middle East and Asia. Our work combines cultural, theological, literary and political studies with historical aspects and a deliberate focus on aspects of the present. The range of courses we offer covers a range of different approaches: on the basis of language learning, these deal with philological, linguistic, historical, religious questions, as well as art historical and material culture approaches.

Our Institute runs an interdisciplinary B.A. programme “Islamischer Orient” and a variety of specializations in our subject areas. The bilingual elite master’s programme “Kulturwissenschaften des Vorderen Orients/Cultural Studies of the Middle East” is being offered jointly by the Universities of Bamberg and Erlangen. This programme is sponsored by the Elite network of Bavaria.

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