Iranian Studies: Language, History and Culture

Brief description

The M.A. study program Iranian Studies: Language, History and Culture covers the Persian-speaking region, specifically Iran, Afghanistan and Tajikistan. The focus of research as well as instruction is on historical, literary and contemporary topics. The students have the opportunity to improve their speaking skills in Persian and build on their reading comprehension of different kinds of texts.

The program requires students to earn a certain number of ECTS credits from either another discipline within or outside of the oriental studies institute. As a result, students are able to acquire knowledge, which could be useful for their post-graduation employment and/or to network with fellow students and professors from other disciplines. The program is taught primarily in German: language competence on the level of B2 is required.

Short Profile of the MA Programme

TitelMaster of Arts
ECTS-credit points120
Period4 semester
StartWinter or summer term (1. Oktober / 1. April)
FormatFull time; part-time options available

Accredition report

"Iranian Studies: Language, History and Culture is a special study program since the option of taking classes from other disciplines has become a rarity at German universities. The major is highly relevant today because it establishes a connection to current social and political developments. The support and guidance for the students by the faculty should also be highlighted."