How to Enroll

For the admission to the M.A. degree programme in Islamic Art and Archaeology, a degree with good results in a relevant B.A. is required (usually, relevant B.A. degrees are in the fields of Oriental Studies, Art History or Archaelogy; with an overall mark of 2.5 or better according to the German academic system, or proof of being among the best thirty percent of graduates of a cohort).

With regard to the personal level, the M.A. programme in Islamic Art and Archaeology asks for a high interest in Islamic cultures and their material expressions, good capacities of visual apprehension, as well as an openness for diving into unfamiliar contexts and exploring new fields of academic work. Excellent language skills in English and reading ability in another European language are indispensable for working with scholarly literature and presenting results of your own work.

For applicants from the German system, online application is mandatory through the portal of the academic registrar, with a few documents which can be uploaded for full online processing. Deadlines for enrolment are usually a few weeks before the start of term. Foreign applicants also have to fill the online application form and provide additional documents, which have to be mailed to the academic registrar. For foreign students, the following deadlines apply: 15 January for the summer semester, 15 July for the winter semester. For further information, please visit