Events and Cooperations

Islamic Art and Archaeology at the University of Bamberg is linked with institutions inland and abroad in manifold relations. Among these are fellowships of scholars from abroad (e. g. Uzbekistan and Spain) as well as the cooperation with the German Archaeological Institute.

Within the University, Islamic Art and Archaeology participates in centres of the Faculty of Humanities (such as the Centre for Medieval Studies), and in the lecture series of the Bayerisches Orientkolloquium and the Archaeologisches Kolloquium.

The University of Bamberg Museum of Islamic Art (Bumiller Collection) forms a fixed point in teaching and research on Islamic Art and Archaeology in Bamberg. It is linked with the University by a cooperation agreement. There are also close relations with various museums in Germany and abroad. 

Staff members of Islamic Art and Archaeology in Bamberg are active in organizing scholarly workshops and conferences. There is a particular close connection with the Ernst Herzfeld Society for Islamic Art and Archaeology.

Please find information on workshops and conferences on Islamic Art and Archaeology here:

Wissenschaftliche Tagungen 1996-2003

Wissenschaftliche Tagungen und Ringvorlesungen ab 2004