Good Reasons for Studying at the University of Bamberg

An excellent student-teacher ratio makes sure that teaching takes account of the individual background, the state of knowledge and competences of students. The library of the University of Bamberg holds extensive materials relevant for Oriental Studies, supplemented by the services of the Bavarian libraries network. Islamic Art and Archaeology in Bamberg owns visual resources of more than fifty thousand image files. Day trips to museums in Germany and longer excursions to countries of the Middle East and the Mediterranean provide ample opportunity to experience works of art and various aspects of Islamic cultures, while the University Museum (Bumiller Collection) offers hands-on experience with historical objects. The M.A. course at the University of Bamberg is the only course in Germany to combine both art history and archaeology of the Islamic World.

The picturesque old city of Bamberg, protected under UNESCO world heritage since 1993, forms a unique scenery for academic life. The Faculty of Humanities is situated at the heart of the old city. While located conveniently halfway between Berlin and Munich, Bamberg has much to offer for students to feel at home after a short while.