Masters' theses (selection)

Alexandru Craevschi (2022)
Historical contingency and typological tendencies in languages of Western Asia: A quantitative study of word order of non-subject constituents

Adrian Kuqi (2021)
A sketch grammar of Geg Albanian as spoken in Kosovo

Maria Charlotte Busch (2019)
Second language speech perception in children: Vowel length discrimination by school-age Chilean learners of German in Santiago de Chile

Ireen Scholze (2019)
Simplification and reduction in the minority language Upper Sorbian

Maria Carina Vollmer (2019)
How radical is pro-drop in Mandarin? A quantitative corpus study on referential choice in Mandarin Chinese.

Nicholas Peterson (2018)
Acquisition of front rounded vowels in adult male Levantine-Arabic learners of German.

Nils Norman Schiborr (2017)
Antecedent distance and accessibility hierarchy: A quantitative approach

Steffen Reetz (2015)
A quantitative corpus-based analysis of post-predicate goals in spoken Oghuz Turkic varieties.